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A couple weeks ago I took Gracie to get her ears pierced (her mom told me to). I pretty much had to lie and fill out the forms saying I was her parent. Try explaining an appropriate lie to a six year old. You can’t. I just kept saying we were playing pretend haha.

I can’t really tell you guys how much this kid has changed my life. She is hilarious and always in a good mood and though my job is exhausting it’s also totally rewarding and fun. She is also the best birth control, ever. Kids are a lot of work and I don’t want any for a very long time. I’ll just enjoy hanging out with this one and all my friends and families babies until that day comes. 

She also has the cutest wardrobe ever. I love picking out her outfits more than I like picking out my own. She always tries to put in a word about what she wears but if she had it her way she’d be going out of the house in a costume (that’s okay sometimes ;] just don’t tell her mom I let her do that haha).

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